Concerning over our ecological footprint and green building practices are moving more mainstream and indoor  plants naturally help filter air impurities, making them perfect for all interior spaces.  There’s no better time than now to breathe in nature and think green.

Dr. Oz, known as America’s Doctor and co-author of ‘You: The Owner’s Manual,” appears regularly on Oprah.  During an appearance in November 2007, he recommended the use of interior plants-specifically philodendrons, golden pothos and spider plants- as ideal plants known for their toxin-filtering abilities.

Not only do plants add to the aesthetic appearance of a room or area,recent research shows that just 3 average floor-standing plants or 6 standard table-top plants significantly improve the air quality in an average-sized office.  In work settings, industry experts often recommend a plant be placed within each person’s breathing zone.

Dr. Wolverton, a retired NASA scientist and author of “How to Grow Fresh Air,” published a study nearly 25 years ago putting houseplants on the map as air purifiers.  In November 2002, Dr. Wolverton confirmed the results of further researchers and added, “There is now sufficient evidence to support the concept of using interior plants to provide good IAQ.”

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